Students Explore Momentum and Gravity

Fourth grade students experimented with acceleration, momentum and gravity this week using a variety of weighted marbles in roller coaster runs they created.  Read how one of our 4th grade teachers observed the impacts of PS Science lessons on her student:

I have one student who was very hesitant to participate in hands-on activities in the past because he was afraid of making a mistake or not knowing the answer. It was a struggle to motivate him to participate in science experiments prior to PS Science, because he would shut down if he wasn’t entirely certain of the accuracy of his work. I have seen a huge change in him since beginning this program. He is now actively involved in hands-on experiments because they are so engaging that he can’t resist them. Seeing him so interested in experimenting with challenging concepts like sound waves, momentum, and acceleration (even when he doesn’t know the answer) is such an important development for him. I am very grateful for PS Science for facilitating this growth.