Viral Videos 4th Edition!

Check out week 4 of the PS Science Viral Videos series!

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Ms. Oyenoki tries not to be too long WINDED showing how to make kites!
Try not to SQUIRM as Mrs. Risso talks about Silkworm Caterpillars!
Mr. Richmond FLUTTERS BY with a video about Butterflies!
Can you DIG it? Ms. Oyenoki investigates microfossils!
It’s heating up in here! Miss Sherry explains the Greenhouse Effect!
Let’s GEAR up our COGnitive skills with Miss Sherry!

Viral Videos 3rd edition!

Check out our 3rd week of PS Science Viral Videos!

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Have a BLAST with Ms. Oyenoki’s es-SPACE-ally cool straw rockets!
Don’t miss Mrs. Risso’s unbe-LEAF-able video!
Also, don’t GROW away…. Plants are Mr. Richmond’s FRONDS!
Ms. Oyenoki WOOLY loves Mammoths and Mastodons!
DOUGHn’t worry! Ms. Sherry is here with her homemade salt dough!
Ms. Sherry’s greenhouse gases video will BLOW you away!
Don’t get CRANKY, but there’s one more video about hand crank generators!

Viral Videos Week 2!

Keep scrolling for our second round of Viral Videos!

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This week…

Ms. Oyenoki uses the force!
Ms. Risso’s un-BEE-lievable exploration of UV Light and Bees!
Mr. Richmond PLANTS some cool ways to model how seeds are dispersed!
Ms. Oyenoki shares a MAMMOTH discovery!
And shows some FIN-tastic things you can learn from shark teeth!
WATER you waiting for?! Check out Ms. Sherry’s aquifer demo!

PS Science Remote Lessons

To support distance learning, you can now access week-to-week PS Science lesson plans for students in Kindergarten through 5th grade. They contain suggested hands-on activities, guided questions, and clickable links to e-books, videos, and literature to help with conceptual understanding. Some lessons contain printable versions of PS Science datasheets for students to record their responses, observations, and ideas.

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Stay connected with your PS Science Instructors! We are pleased to debut our new at-home science video series — VIRAL VIDEOS! Starring…you guessed it! Your ACTUAL PS Science Instructors.

Check out Mr. Richmond demonstrating how to make a seed dispersal model!

Students Explore Momentum and Gravity

Fourth grade students experimented with acceleration, momentum and gravity this week using a variety of weighted marbles in roller coaster runs they created.  Read how one of our 4th grade teachers observed the impacts of PS Science lessons on her student:

I have one student who was very hesitant to participate in hands-on activities in the past because he was afraid of making a mistake or not knowing the answer. It was a struggle to motivate him to participate in science experiments prior to PS Science, because he would shut down if he wasn’t entirely certain of the accuracy of his work. I have seen a huge change in him since beginning this program. He is now actively involved in hands-on experiments because they are so engaging that he can’t resist them. Seeing him so interested in experimenting with challenging concepts like sound waves, momentum, and acceleration (even when he doesn’t know the answer) is such an important development for him. I am very grateful for PS Science for facilitating this growth.