Agensys Scientists visit PS Science Camp!

Scientists from a local pharmaceutical research lab, Agensys, Inc., visited the camp on multiple days to share their fields of expertise with the campers.  We had an eye surgeon lead us in a cow eye dissection, chemists show us how to turn a penny silver and gold, and biochemists help us extract the DNA from a strawberry.  What a great way to learn!  Thank you Agensys!

Science With a Twist!- A Science & Dance Collaboration

A unique collaboration between PS Arts and PS Science brought a 12 week pilot STEAM curriculum to Martin Luther King Elementary third grade classes in Compton this spring.  Students approached learning a key set of vocabulary words and science themes using hands-on science investigations and dance movements.  In a culminating lesson, student groups worked together to choreograph routines demonstrating their understanding of the science topics.

3rd Grade Goes Whale Watching!

On a foggy St. Patrick’s Day, the third grade students and teachers from William Green elementary boarded their boat to head out to sea for a morning of ocean adventure.  For most of the students it was their first time on a boat and their first exposure to the vast, open ocean.  Students were nervous and excited, anticipating what they might see.  While a whale sighting eluded them, they were thrilled with the dolphins and sea birds that escorted them boat-side for much of the journey. This was a day that will not be forgotten!