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Remote Science Learning

PS Science has responded to COVID-19 and the challenges of remote learning by bolstering our online science education offerings. We’re helping teachers, schools, and districts bring real-world science skills to students online.

Our collection of science lesson plans for Kindergarten through 5th grade is a lifeline for elementary science teachers in a sea of uncertainty.

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The PS Science Viral Video Series on YouTube is a great way to preview of PS Science remote learning activities. Check out our channel for science videos geared towards elementary students learning at home. Like what you see? A membership to the Remote Science Learning program gives you full access to these lessons and activities plus dozens more!

Check out Some of our remote lesson Topics

Week 1: Extreme Heat

Week 2: Pushes and Pulls

Week 3: Shoot for the Stars!

Week 4: Wind

Week 5: Flying

Week 6: Parachutes!

Week 7: Ramps

Week 8: Swings

Week 9: Pulleys!

Week 1: Seed Germination

Week 2: UV Light and Bees

Week 3: Leaves

Week 4: Silkworm Caterpillars

Week 5: Roots

Week 6: Stems

Week 7: Flowers

Week 8: Fruits

Week 9: Earthworms

Week 1: Seed Dispersal

Week 2: Modeling Seed Dispersal

Week 3: Growing Plants

Week 4: Butterflies

Week 5: Solids, Liquids, and Gases

Week 6: Acids and Bases

Week 7: Chemical Reactions

Week 8: Heating and Cooling

Week 1: Plastics Solutions

Week 2: Learning from Fossils

Week 3: Mammoths and Mastodons

Week 4: Reconstructing the Past

Week 5: The Tar Pits!

Week 6: Traits and Variation

Week 7: Mystery Pellet

Week 8: Mystery Pellet Part 2

Week 9: Cherish the Earth

Week 1: Fossil Fuels

Week 2: Fossil Fuels, Carbon Emissions, and Carbon Capture

Week 3: Greenhouse Gases

Week 4: The Greenhouse Effect

Week 5: Alternative Energy Vehicles

Week 6: Solar Energy

Week 7: Momentum

Week 8: Waves

Week 9: Energy Transfer

Week 1: California Geography: Groundwater

Week 2: Aquifers

Week 3: Water Supply Resources

Week 4: Gears!

Week 5: Inertia

Week 6: Friction

Week 7: Gravity

Week 8: Earth’s Spheres

Week 9: Interaction of Earth’s Spheres

“I love it! Remote lessons mean I can carry on with my day while my 4th grader is totally engrossed in science. She’s not falling behind in school, and I’m able to get my work done!”