A Science Boost for Teachers & Students

PS Science in Title 1 Schools

The PS Science In-Class program puts PS Science instructors in Title I elementary classrooms to work side-by-side with the classroom teacher to deliver the weekly science curriculum. The program lasts for two years, and thereafter, the classroom teacher takes the lead role as science educator.

Teaching Next Generation Science Standards

Our teachers prioritize students “figuring things out,” one of the core principle of science and one of the most important concepts in the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Each grade level NGSS-aligned curriculum is a blend of biology, physics and motion, chemistry/materials, and engineering.

Empowering educators with robust Teacher Training

The PS Science model aims to builds internal school capacity for science instruction. While we cannot reach every student who would benefit from elementary science instruction, preparing in-school teachers to deliver the curriculum while PS Science instructors scale back their own involvement allows for sustained impact.

The first level of training for partner school teachers is two years of observation and assistance. PS Science instructors teach in such a way as to empower partner schools’ teachers to eventually take the lead on all instruction and activities. Partner teachers are supported to deliver the Engage and Evaluate stages of the lesson, and in turn support the PS Science instructors while they deliver the more content-intensive phases of the lesson, and are then given in-school time to ask questions and review methods.

Want to bring PS Science to your school?

This year PS Science is bringing weekly engaging science lessons to over 105 classrooms in 13 elementary schools. Being remote doesn't mean we can't continue to inspire curiosity! Contact us to learn how easy it can be to launch PS Science at your school!

Want to bring PS Science to your school?

Last year PS Science partnered with 80 classrooms in 10 schools. Find out how to bring PS Science to your school - either in-person or virtual - by filling out the form below!

Science instruction guided by the 5Es



We engage students with a text, experiment, photograph, or other learning tool, as a means of reinforcing what is already known and encouraging them to use their “scientific thinking toolkit” to process what is being presented.



Our instructors explore with students through hands-on activities provides a set of common experiences for all learners and helps students grasp the concepts and skills and they will carry through their academic careers.



PS Science instructors guide students as they explain the concepts and processes about which they are exploring and learning. Teachers clarify students’ understanding of concepts and help them develop skills, but do not didactically present the meaning of what students’ experiences.



Science learning expands upon students' existing understanding and helping them connect what they already know to new situations.



We evaluate students’ progress through the lens of their own assessments of their knowledge, skills and abilities, allowing teachers to evaluate students’ progress and refine their teaching tactics on concepts that are not gaining traction.

School Testimonials

“Thank you PS Science for helping to bring science to life at William Green Elementary with hands-on materials, engaging lessons, fun investigations, and memorable experiences. Students in grades 1-5 receive an exemplary science program and teachers gain valuable coaching experience. This program transforms our students to become inquisitive and creative 21st century learners. “


Jenny Padilla

—Principal, William Green Elementary; Lawndale, CA

“PS Science is a hands-on approach to learning this year in room 24. It is teaching through collaboration and giving the future scientists of Room 24 a way to learn that engages all my students. “


Craig Barnard

—4th grade Teacher

“I personally never taught Science before the PS Science program came to our school. It has been a great experience for myself and the students. The students get so excited on Science day! When I was in school our science lessons were taught from a book. We read the lesson each week and then answered the questions and I will admit that I hated Science. I know that my students all enjoy learning Science. “


Jonene Barbosa

—1st grade Teacher