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About Us

PS Science was launched in 2006 as a project of the Crossroads Community Outreach Foundation, an initiative of Crossroads School in Santa Monica, in response to a chronic deficit in public school education —the lack of meaningful early elementary school science education.


Inspired by the magic and wonder that master science teacher Dr. Selma Sleven brought to the lives of countless Crossroads elementary students, PS Science was created to bring that same powerful and inspiring experience to children in underserved communities across Los Angeles.


Crossroads School provided critical financial support and resources until 2018, when PS Science grew large enough to become its own separate nonprofit organization.


At the time PS Science was conceived, the most recent analysis of science exam scores ranked California’s students at the bottom, along with Arizona, Mississippi and Hawaii. In June 2019, PS Science 4th grade students performed 99% better than the national average in a standardized science assessment!

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Who We Serve

The PS Science program is currently in partnership with 185 classrooms in 17 schools for the 2020 – 21 school year!

If you are interested in finding out how to bring PS Science to your school, please email julie@psscience.org

PS Science Populations Served 2021 - 22

William Green Elementary Lawndale, CA 626 22 87%
McKinley Elementary Santa Monica, CA 450 18 40%
John Muir Elementary Santa Monica, CA 270 12 50%
St. John Chrysostom Inglewood, CA 130 5 85%
St. Anne School Santa Monica, CA 120 6 65%
Franklin D. Roosevelt Elementary Lawndale, CA 210 8 91%
St. Raphael School Los Angeles, CA 160 6 90%
Grandview Elementary Los Angeles, CA 110 4 62%
Playa Del Rey Elementary Los Angeles, CA 275 12 40%
St. Anastasia School Playa Del Rey, CA 150 5 N/A- school receives the program for a fee
Accelerated Charter Elementary School Los Angeles, CA 190 6 93%
Nevin Avenue Elementary Los Angeles, CA 25 1 98%
Warren Lane Elementary Inglewood, CA 20 1 86%
The Accelerated School Los Angeles, CA 225 9 87%
Corona Avenue Elementary Bell, CA 685 28 94%
Grant Elementary Santa Monica, CA 600 25 32%
Alta Loma Elementary Los Angeles, CA 420 16 98%
St. Jerome School Los Angeles, CA 125 6 60%

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