PS Science for the classroom

Easy to Implement Hands-On Science

Builds School Capacity

PS Science builds schools capacity for high-quality STEM instruction by investing in classroom teachers. Designed to empower all TK-5 educators to capably teach hands-on science, the video-based PS Science program provides manageable curriculum, materials for each student to participate in every lesson, and instructional support from PS Science Instructors.

Empowers Educators

The PS Science video-based program provides elementary classroom teachers with everything they need to easily and affordably teach high quality, inquiry-based science. The program includes a yearlong, NGSS-aligned science curriculum made up of 31 lessons. Each lesson is guided by an interactive video featuring a PS Science Instructor teaching and guiding students through hands-on investigations.

Availability: The program is available everywhere free for Title 1 schools and affordably for all others.



Teachers receive a new lesson video every week via email alongside links to all the digital resources. This provides the main content “teaching.”


Teachers decide when to do the lessons each week and can customize assignments and assessments to fit their classroom and school’s needs.


The videos include PS Science Instructors demonstrating the simple hands-on investigations, which can be done using common items found in home or school or with materials purchased through PS Science.


why it works


Designed for teachers and their students

Although most elementary classroom teachers believe their students should learn science, many are discouraged from teaching it because of limitations on time and budget or insufficient training. Commercial science curricula can be great, but are often also expensive, cumbersome, and time consuming to implement.


PS Science equips teachers with everything needed for inquiry-based, hands-on science learning and fits within their time and budget. Instead of relying on expensive, hi-tech materials to appeal to students, we engage with science through simple materials, phenomena-based instruction and problem-solving.



teaching next generation
science standards

Throughout the program, students learn how to build their own understanding through observational experience. Our lessons are developed to prioritize students “figuring things out” — a core principle of science and one of the most important concepts in the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Each grade level is a blend of biology, physics, chemistry, earth science and engineering.  Every PS Science lesson is integrated with NGSS performance metrics so teachers can be sure standards are covered.



“Thank you, PS Science! I love using this program every year and I look forward to our ongoing partnership.”


“My students and I really enjoyed your science curriculum this year!”


“Thank you PS Science for helping to bring science to life at William Green Elementary with hands-on materials, engaging lessons, fun investigations, and memorable experiences. Students in grades 1-5 receive an exemplary science program and teachers gain valuable coaching experience. This program transforms our students to become inquisitive and creative 21st century learners. “


“The videos are very easy to follow and very engaging for my students. The texts were grade level appropriate and the hands on activities were a great follow up.”


“I personally never taught Science before the PS Science program came to our school. It has been a great experience for myself and the students. The students get so excited on Science day! When I was in school our science lessons were taught from a book. We read the lesson each week and then answered the questions and I will admit that I hated Science. I know that my students all enjoy learning Science. “


“PS Science is my favorite thing that our schools spends money no each year.”


“I seriously do not know what I would do without PS Science. The video lessons are well organized and engaging. It was very effective and helped support my teaching because it was all planned and organized for me. Otherwise, many teachers wouldn’t be able to find the time to create and plan science lessons, which ultimately leads to teachers skipping science because they didn’t have time.””

WHAT Students SAY


I love PS science. It has brought so much fun to everyone.


“I loved the videos. I also learned so many things.”


“I love to do PS Science for homework.”


“It’s fun, it’s exciting, and it teaches me how to build stuff!”


“PS Science is a great experience of learning science and is always fun in different ways.” 


“Hello I just wanted to say that I loved the PS Science lessons I think they were fantastic.”


“You guys really taught us about science and you guys helped us understand more about some projects like when we were in groups to find shark teeth with the things you use to find gold.”


“It’s fun and I love to figure new things out. PS Science has taught me so much!”

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