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COVID-19 has brought a 25% cut in program funding, but the need for science support is as great as ever. As we launch this school year's program remotely to 2,600 disadvantaged youth, please consider a tax-deductible gift to help ensure all kids have an equal chance at the STEM careers of their future.

PS Science enables underserved children and their teachers in Title I schools to:

  • 1
    See beauty, wonder, and infinite opportunity.
  • 2
    Do science through active exploration and collaboration.
  • 3
    Know the joy of discovery and the power of knowledge.

2019-20 School Year Objectives:

  • Approximately 2,200 students at ten Title I elementary schools will participate in hands-on science education that would not otherwise be offered.
  • Each participating student will have access to 90 minutes weekly of age-appropriate STEM instruction and activities over the course of the entire school year.
  • 35 students will attend the fifth annual S-Team Rangers Summer Science Institute.
  • Every participating classroom teacher (60 at a minimum) will receive 50 hours of training and support from a trained PS Science educator.

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