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Virtual Code Club

PS Science offers a Virtual Code Club for 3rd – 5th grade students who are interested in exploring coding and programming. No prior experience is required. 

The club will meet through Zoom on Friday afternoons from 3:00 – 4:30 pm PST.

Students will become skilled at creating code, programming sensors, testing and revising the output with lights, sounds, and other sensors. Projects vary each semester, but in the past have included battling robots, kinetic sculptures, robot dance contests, and more!  A Code Club materials kit will be mailed to you, and all you need is a Chrome book or computer and a stable internet connection.


Session Details:


Start date: Friday October 15, 2021


$250.00 (includes micro:bit coding kit)


This is an introductory club and no prior coding experience is necessary. If interested, completed the interest form below and registration and payment links will be sent to your email. 

If your child is more advanced in coding, please contact to learn more about our Advanced Code Club.

The coding doesn't stop just because we're all schooling from home! Complete the interest form and we will get in touch aSAP with more info!

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Andy Sanchez

Andy brought personality and creativity to his code. Coding is a bit like a sonnet—an overarching structure that provides freedom of content, and he used that freedom to personalize his projects. He left his stamp on every piece of code he wrote (often with cat references!)

Aubrii Fronda

A team leader who enjoyed sharing her creativity with others, Aubrii loved her Wednesday Code Club experience and looked forward to our meetings all week. She loved the challenges of coding and showing off her projects – a favorite was a moving sculpture she created that conjured Little Shop of Horrors.

Coder Andy Sanchez
Coder Aubrii Fronda

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