Community Based STEM learning

Out-of-school STEM learning experiences are an important factor in students’ future success in science. Students need opportunities to engage in hands-on learning that reinforces what they learn in school. 

PS Science works with community based organizations to provide fun STEM learning experiences to kids wherever they’re at, both virtually and in person. We bring programming that helps kids understand the world through investigation, while exploring their talents and interests.

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expanding STEM Learning Opportunities beyond the classroom

Experiencing the joys of problem-solving through enrichment activities helps young learners interested in science develop skills that lead to careers in STEM fields.


We envision a community of educators, scientists, families and partners working together to build a world of opportunities for all children to explore the world around them and learn skills needed to become innovators, problem solvers, environmental stewards, life-long learners and leaders. We partner with organizations that serve youth in their community, particularly in underserved areas serving kids facing poverty or linguistic barriers.