Visits from Guest Scientists Provide Insights to Science Campers

The S-TEAM Rangers campers were fortunate to learn first-hand from several innovators this summer.  Laura from Chippins dog treats @chippintime shared about the process of starting an earth-friendly business producing cricket protein dog treats- we even tried them!  The campers toured the campus of Cal State LA @calstatelaECST where we visited David Bleckham’s Alternative Vehicle lab and learned about hydrogen fuel cell car technology.  Retinal surgeon Babak Fardin visit camp and guided the students through an eye dissection! And innovative environmental architect David Hertz @davidhertz_studioea shared his recent work on technology that can condense water from air!  So many stimulating ideas!  Thanks to all our generous collaborators!

S-TEAM Rangers Summer Science Camp 2019!

The 2019 Summer Science camp classroom was abuzz with activity for two weeks as our young scientists collaborated, created and coded!  37 Campers participated in robot coding, building challenges, constructing Kinetic contraptions and many other STEAM activities, all preparing them for future creative, problem-solving coursework and careers.

Planet Smart! Family Science Night at William Green Elementary

Jocelyne was one of the forty students who enthusiastically participated in the Planet Smart! Innovation Challenge to create an innovative way to deal with one of our current environmental problems.  Jocelyne proudly presented her project idea for a clean fuel refinery. She enjoyed working collaboratively with her father on the project, explaining that he never had a chance to do projects like this when he was in school.

PS Science Code Club 2019

Andy is a 6th grader who in Code Club found a way to combine coding and wearable art.  Each week he was totally engrossed in writing code, troubleshooting, designing and creating. Andy’s mom said that he found real inspiration in his role model Debra Ansell, one of his instructors. Debra says “Andy brought personality and creativity to his code. Coding is a bit like a sonnet – an overarching structure that provides freedom of content, and he used that freedom to personalize his projects. I loved seeing how he left his stamp on every piece of code he wrote (often with cat references!)”