The 2018-19 year is off to a curious start!

The PS Science students and their teachers are CURIOUS; observing, measuring, testing, hypothesizing and learning about the world.  We are looking forward to an amazing year working in 78 classrooms!!!  That’s over 2000 students who are learning how to think critically and be the future problem solvers our world needs.

We Appreciate Our Teachers!!

Thank you to all the wonderful teachers the PS Science program has the privilege to work with.  Together, we are turning on young minds to the wonders of our world and empowering them for the future.  We appreciate all that you do to make the PS Science program go!!

Teachers Share About PS Science In Their Classrooms

“PS Science is absolutely amazing for my students- not only are the students learning new concepts and information… but they are building their creativity and confidence in the process.
One of my favorite lessons as a teacher is the car building/engineering lesson with the friction ramps. I love to see their pride and ownership while building their cars and the excitement when they have a chance to try their cars out.”

Katherine Jackson
2nd grade teacher
William Green Elementary

PS Science has helped transform my curious first graders into thoughtful and creative scientists. My students not only look forward to Tuesday afternoons with Ms. Oyenoki, but they are always seeking opportunities to investigate scientific topics of personal interest. Recently, a student went out for a bathroom break and came back running into the room, disrupting the class to announce he had found a roly poly (pill bug) outside of the classroom. The other students became so excited by his discovery, that they raced from the rug to see. Normally, I would redirect the students back to the rug, but I decided to let these young scientists take the lead. Another student suggested we create a habitat for this roly poly, because she worried he had lost his home and maybe his family! We stopped what we were doing, and the entire class went outside. The students figured out a way to recreate the roly poly’s habitat. They looked for other roly polys, and once they had located them, the students harvested materials from the wet, grassy soil and added them to an empty container. Not long after, we had about ten new class pets in a suitable habitat. In class and at home, the students researched ways to keep their new friends alive. We housed the roly polys in the classroom for about a week before sending them back outside into their natural habitat. I look forward to continuing my work with PS Science while fostering the innate inquisitiveness within each student.
Maddie Ross
1st grade teacher
McKinley Elementary